Nearby Attractions

Palace of the Grand Master

The Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights or Castello is located on the northwest side of the medieval city of Rhodes at the highest point of the castle and is perhaps the most important monument of the Knights' Period.

Archaeological Museum of Rhodes (Knights' Hospital)

The Archaeological Museum of Rhodes is housed in the medieval Gothic style with renaissance elements of the Knights' Hospital building, a building that was started to be built on the ruins of a Roman building in 1440 by the Grand Master de Lastic and completed fifty years later by the Grand Master Pierre d'Obison.

Street of the Knights

The most famous street of the Old Town and the island, connects the church of Panagia Kastro with the Palace of the Grand Master. Cobblestone medieval road with 7 accommodations, which correspond to the countries of origin of the Knights of St. John.

Medieval Clock Tower

The Clock Tower was built in 1857, by Fethi Pasha, next to the Suleiman Mosque, after the explosion of 1856 caused by forgotten gunpowder in the basement of the church of St. John the Knight and destroyed the entire surrounding area. The old clock mechanism is considered one of the achievements of 19th century technology. From the top of the tower the view of the Old Town is wonderful.